Seattle Youth Soccer places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and ethical behavior. We expect all players, coaches, parents, fans, and referees to honor the game and each other at all times. This is simply means following the laws of soccer, the rules and regulations of Seattle Youth Soccer and our parent organizations, and showing basic respect for others at all times.

A fundamental of sportsmanship is appreciation of the opposing team. Without them there is no chance to apply the skills and tactics players work so hard to learn. Our referees, who work under intense pressure to make the correct calls and protect players from injury, are also essential to fair competition. Seattle Youth Soccer does not permit negative behavior towards either opponents or referees.

Seattle Youth Soccer has a Disciplinary Committee that is charged with investigating and adjudicating repeated and/or serious violations of our sportsmanship standards. Consequences for these violations may range from a single game suspension to a lifetime ban. We take the safety and conduct of our players very seriously and expect all those involved (whether as participant or observer) to do so as well.

To report an unsportsman behavior or to contact the disciplinary committee chair, contact the SYSA Executive Director at execdir@sysa.org.