SYSA Office at Orcas Business Park 650 So Orcas Ave Suite 220
(click address to view a map )
AAA (African American Academy) (now know as
Van Asselt Elementary; SYSA does NOT use this
field for Spring Soccer; see Van Asselt Old location below.)
8311 Beacon Ave S Grass
Addams 1 E/W, 2 N/S and Upper (was Summit) 11051 34th Ave NE Synthetic turf; grass
Aldercrest Annex 2800 N.E. 200th St. Grass
Aldercrest Elementary 2800 N.E. 200th St. Grass
Arena Sports (indoor facility) Sandpoint Wy NE. & NE. 74th Synthetic turf
B.F. Day 3921 Linden Ave N Grass
Ballard High School 1418 NW 65th St Synthetic turf
Ballard Playfield Rec. Center 28th Ave. NW. & NW. 60th St Grass
Bayview Playfield 24th W. & W. Raye Grass
Beacon Hill Elementary 14th Ave. S. & S. Holgate St. Grass
Bitter Lake 130th & Linden North Grass
Blanchet High School (Naish Field) 8200 Wallingford Ave N Synthetic turf
Bobby Morris 11th & E Pine Synthetic turf
Briarcrest School 2715 N.E. 158th Grass
Brighton 42nd Ave S. & S. Juneau Grass
Cleveland 5511 15th South Grass
Cromwell Park N 179th & Meridian Ave N Grass
Dahl (N, S & W) N.E. 77th & 25th N.E. Grass
Decatur now Thornton Creek- see below
Delridge Delridge Wy SW & SW Alaska Synthetic turf
Denny Park Denny Way & Westlake Ave N Grass
Eagle Staff Middle School (formerly WIlson Pacific) Wallingford Ave N & N 90th Synthetic turf
East Queen Anne Playfield 1912 Warren Ave North Grass
Echo Lake Elementary 19345 Wallingford Ave N Grass
Eckstein MS (used both full and mod field) 3003 N.E. 75th St Synthetic turf
Einstein School 19343 3rd Ave N.W Synthetic turf
Ella Bailey Park 2601 W Smith St Grass
Franklin High School 3013 S MT BAKER BV Synthetic turf
Garfield Playfield 23rd Ave E & E Cherry St Grass
Garfield High School E Alder & 25th Ave E Synthetic turf
Genesee 43rd Ave. S. & S. Genesee St. Synthetic turf on 2 fields
Georgetown S. Homer & Corson S. Synthetic turf
Gilman N.W. 54th & 9th N.W. Grass
Greenlake 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6 7201 East Greenlake Way N Grass
Hiawatha California Ave. SW & SW Lander Synthetic turf
Walt Hundley (was High Point) 34th Ave. SW & SW Myrtle St. Synthetic turf
Highland Terrace 100 N. 160th Grass
Hillwood Park (U10 N and S) 19001 3rd Ave NW,, Shoreline Grass
Horizon View Park 47th NE & NE 201st Pl Grass
Hutchinson (Emerson Elementary) S Norfolk & 59th Ave S Grass
I-90 Lid 25th Ave S & S Massachusetts Grass
Ingraham 1, 2 and Stadium 1819 N 135th St Synthetic turf
Interbay Stadium (E or W for U11) 17th W. & W. Dravus Synthetic turf
Interbay W 17th W. & W. Dravus Grass
Jefferson Playfield (N or S for U11 and U10 select; or full
field) behind Mercer Middle School; parking on 16th Ave So
along west side of field)
NOTE: Bathrooms open in building just behind first
one-story building in blacktop area south of field.

4165 16th Ave South Synthetic
Jefferson Sports Plateau (N and S) -This is grass field to the north and up the hill of the turf shown above. Park by the community center at address shown. This is used for U9 and U10 games 3801 Beacon Ave S Grass
John Rogers 4030 N.E. 109th St. Grass
Judkins 22nd S. & S. Norman Grass
Kellogg E, W 16045 25th Ave NE E is Grass, W is artificial turf
Lakeside Parsons 14050 1st Ave NE Turf field at High School
Lakewood 51st S. & S. Ferdinand Grass
Laurelhurst Playfield 4500 N.E. 41st Grass
LFP City Hall 20150 45th Ave. N.E. Grass
"Little Howe" Playfield (East Queen Anne PF) 1912 Warren Ave North Grass
Lower View Ridge (LVR) N.E. 70th & 45th N.E. Grass
Lower Woodland #2 (LW2) (U11 N or S) N. 53rd & Greenlake Way N. Synthetic turf
Lower Woodland #7 (LW7) N 55th & Greenlake Way N Synthetic turf
Loyal Heights NW 75th St & 20th Ave NW Synthetic turf
Magnolia NW, NE, South & #6
Note: There are two large fields in this area.
The South field, at 32nd West and West Smith,
is where all U10 and older games are played.
This field is SOUTH of the community center.
This field has light poles and lights.
32nd Ave W. & W. Barrett
South field at 32nd Ave W
and West Smith. See note at left
Magnuson Meadow
NOTE: Park in the large lot adjacent to the lighted
synthetic fields near the 74th Street entrance and follow
the signs to the Sports Meadow. Click here for a 2014
field layout map.
Sandpoint Wy NE. & NE. 65th Grass
Magnuson 5 (Primary use is rugby) See directions for #6 & #7. Sandpoint Wy NE. & NE. 74th Synthetic turf
Magnuson 6 and 7 (Primary use is soccer) Sandpoint Wy NE. & NE. 74th Synthetic turf
Maple Leaf Playfield (Reservoir) 1020 NE 82nd St Grass
Maplewood 12th S. & S. Snoqualmie Grass
McGilvra Elementary 1617 38th Ave E Synthetic turf
Memorial Stadium (Seattle Center) 5th Ave N & Harrison St Synthetic turf

Miller (Please park in the lot off 20th and E Republican. This
is west of the school and east of the Community Center.)

19th Ave E & E Thomas

Synthetic turf

Montlake Playfield 1618 E Calhoun St. Grass and turf
Nathan Hale N.E. 110th St. & 35th Ave N.E. Synthetic turf
North Acres Park N.E. 128th & 1st N.E. Grass
North City School 10th N.E. & N.E. 190th Grass
Olympic Hills Elementary School 13018 20th Ave NE Grass
Paramount Park 810 N.E. 155th St. Grass
Parkwood Elementary 1815 N. 155th St. Grass
Queen Anne Bowl 3rd W. & West Fulton Synthetic turf
Queen Anne Rec. Ctr 1st West & West Howe Grass
Rainier Beach Rec.Ctr (CC) S. Cloverdale St. & 46th Ave. S Grass
Rainier Beach Stadium 8815 Seward Park S Synthetic turf
Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club 4520 MLK Jr Way S Synthetic turf
Ravenna Park N.E. 55th & Ravenna N.E. Grass
Richmond Highlands 16554 Fremont Ave N Grass
Richmond Rec. Center N. 167th & Fremont Ave. N. Grass
Ridgecrest Park 3rd Ave NE & NE 161st Grass
Ridgecrest School 16516 10th N.E. Synthetic turf
Riverview 12th S.W. & S.W. Othello Grass
Roosevelt High School 1410 NE 66 ST Synthetic turf
Salmon Bay 1810 NW 65th St Synthetic turf
Sand Point 5 (Primary Rugby) see Magnuson above Sandpoint Way NE & NE 65th Synthetic Turf
Sand Point 6 & 7 see Magnuson above Sandpoint Way NE & NE 65th Synthetic Turf
Sealth Stadium 2600 SW Thistle Synthetic turf
Sealth Utility 2600 SW Thistle Grass
Shorecrest HS (use NORTH school parking lot) 15343 25th Ave NE Synthetic turf
Shoreline A & B 1st Ave. NE. & N.E. 190th St. Turf
Shoreline Stadium 3rd Ave. N.E. & N.E. 185th St. Turf
Shoreline Utility 185th NE & 1st NE Grass
Shoreview Park NW Innis Arden Wy & 10th Ave. NW Dirt
Shorewood HS N. 170th & Linden N. Turf
Smith Cove Park (take Elliot Bay Marina exit
heading west off Magnolia Bridge)
W Marine Pl & 23rd Ave W. Grass
Soundview N.W. 90th & 15th N.W. Dirt
South Park 8th Ave S & S Sullivan St Grass
Summit E/W, N/S and Upper -Now ADDAMS; SEE ABOVE
Sunset Park- Please obey NO parking signs! Drop off, pick up, park only in the lot to the west of the field. 17800 10th N.W. Grass
Syre School 19545 12th N.W. Grass
Thornton Creek (was Decatur) Elementary NE 77th & 40th Ave NE Grass
Twin Ponds (park in lots to north or south, not along the street) 15401 1st Ave NE Synthetic turf
Upper View Ridge NE 70th and 45th NE Grass
Van Asselt Playfield 2820 S Myrtle Grass
Van Asselt Elementary (was Old Van Asselt School building;
NOT the new location further south at previous
African American Academy 8311 Beacon Ave South
(use south school lot); SYSA uses this field for Spring Soccer.
7201 Beacon Ave S Synthetic turf
View Ridge -- see Lower View Ridge, or Upper View Ridge
Wallingford Playfield (mod) 43rd and Wallingford Ave N grass
Walt Hundley (was High Point) 34th Ave. SW & SW Myrtle St. Synthetic turf
Washington Park (N or S for U11) 1100 Lake Wash. Blvd E Synthetic turf
Whitman MS (park in lot south of school;
walk north through portables; enter soccer field
past baseball field, which is closed for use)
9201 15th Ave NW Synthetic turf