2017 Recreational Team Standings

For a table of complete standings for all U11 and older SYSA rec teams, click here.

Please note there are no scores or standings kept for U10 games.

Once you find the team standings you want in the chart, click the number in the far left column. To view league standings, click Summary in the line below the chart.

Coaches do not need to report game scores. If a score is incorrect or missing because there was no referee at the game, please follow the instructions after this section called "Reporting a Game Score."

For an explanation of how the Rec Team point system and final ranking works, see Rec Standings Point System at the bottom of this page

2017 Premier and Select Team Standings

To view standings for 2017 premier and select teams, use these links:

RCL (Regional Club League) Standings

NPSL (North Puget Sound League) Standings

Reporting a Game Score, or a Correction for an Inaccurate Score

If there were no referees at your game, or the score posted in the standings is wrong, please follow these steps.

1. Send an email to
2. Put "Game Score Report" in the subject line.
3. In the body of the email, you must include these facts so the score can be accurately recorded or changed:
-- Date of the Game
-- Game Field
-- Start Time of the Game
-- Gender of Players
-- Age Level
-- Home Team, including club
-- Away Team, including club
-- Correct Score

Please allow a few days for the correct score to be recorded. Thanks!

You may also call in to report a score. Leave a message at 206-552-0723, using the same details listed above.

Rec Standings Point System

Here's how the point system in the standings works. A win is awarded 3 points, a tie 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. There is no goal differential used in the league standings.Teams tied in points at the end of the season are awarded the jointly finish place. (For example, if the top team has 30 points, and the next two teams each have 25, the tied teams would both be given second place awards.) There is no reason to run up scores in any game and no huge reason to worry if the reported score is off a bit, since the points for win, loss, or tie are not affected.

This year, like last year, the SYSA rec league standings are being hosted in conjunction with the Seattle Soccer Referees Association on their web site. SYSA thanks them for their cooperation in this joint project.

For a chart of first and second place teams in all recreational divisions for 2016 click here, 2015 click here, 2014 click here, 2013 click here, 2012 click here, 2011 click here, 2010 click here, 2009, click here or for 2008, click here. This table accounts for ties and some items that can not be reflected on the referee hosted page.