Beginning in fall, 2014, SYSA will implement a new process for handling requests to have a child "play down," meaning to play in a youger division than their actual age. Parents wishing to request a play-down exemption for their child should read and follow the information below.

The SYSA Administrative Regulations, section 1.3, states that players must play in a division of their own age group, unless they have a medical or development reason to play in a division of younger players. (Players may play in a division older than their age group without approval.) Wanting to play in a younger age group for convenience or to be with a sibling or reasons that that are not related to the child's medical or development needs are not adequate for a play-down request to be granted.

Parents who want to have their child play in a division younger than their age group should follow these steps.

1. Contact the Registrar of your club to coordinate the play-down request with them. The club registrar should be able to provide guidance on how to go about getting a play-down request prepared.

2. Read the SYSA Medical Play Down Overview document. This document outlines the precise requirements needed to complete a play-down request.

3. Have the child's physician prepare a letter, using the guidelines in the Medical Play Down Overiew document, that recommends the child play in a younger division.

4. Fill out the Hold Harmless and Medical Play Down Verification forms.

5. Submit the physician's letter, Hold Harmless form, and Verification form, to the SYSA Medical Play-Down Committee by postal mail or email (addresses are in the Overview document).

The Play-Down Committee will review the request and contact the parents and club registrar about their decision.

Please contact your club registrar if you have any questions about having your child play down, or about this process. You can also contact SYSA at

Play-Down Forms

SYSA Medical Play Down Overview

Hold Harmless

Medical Play Down Verification