The largest tournament of its kind in the state, SYSA's modified double-elimination City Tournament allows SYSA's U11 and older Recreational teams to finish the season with two guaranteed additional games. In the first week or two, many of the games are played in the evening on lighted fields. The kids are always excited about playing under the lights in a tournament atmosphere, and many teams surprise their coaches (and themselves) by raising their level of play because of it. The City Tournament began in 1969, and has been held every year since. Don't miss out on the excitement and fun of this great event!

SYSA 2018 City Tournament Information

Registration for the 2018 City Tournament is closed. Note that the following clubs pay all or part of the registration fee for all their teams: Ballard, Beacon Hill, Hillwood, LVR, Magnolia, McGilvra, Mount Baker/Lakewood, Queen Anne, and Shorelake.

Important Reminders for Coaches

-- Only registered coaches and managers (admins) will be allowed on the sidelines with the team during the game.

-- Coaches and managers need to have photos and player cards as well as players. Be sure to upload photos for coaches and managers along with all players. Scroll down for instructions on uploading player and coach photos.

-- Only age-verified players will be provided with player cards and allowed to participate in games. Please follow up with any families as needed to make sure they have they are verified in Affinity.

2018 City Tournament Dates

Here is a calendar of dates for this year's tournament:

Roster Freeze:
November 9. Players cannot be added to teams after this date.
Schedules posted: November 16
First games begin
: Monday, November 26
Championship games: Saturday, December 15

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 City Tournament

Do you know what "modified double elimination" means? How about KFTM? How are brackets decided? What kind of teams enter the tournament? These and other questions are answered in the FAQ about City Tournament. Read the City Tournament FAQ at this link.

2018 City Tournament Guest Player Rules

Maximum Roster Sizes
Teams cannot have more players on the roster for the tournament than the maximum for their age group. If a team had an approved exception to go above the roster maximum in the fall, they cannot add players to go back above the roster maximum for the tournament. The deadline for final roster changes is November 9. All additions of guest players to a roster must be approved by the SYSA City Tournament committee. The roster maximums are:

U11, U12 = 14 players maximum

U13 to U15 = 18 players maximum

U16 to U19 = 22 players maximum, with a limit of 18 on the game day roster.

Minimum Roster Sizes
Teams should have a mostly intact fall team to enter the tournament. Merging parts of two teams to form one whole team is not permitted. The minimum number of players on a team from the fall, and the maximum number of guest players they can add, is listed below.

U11, U12 = 10 players minimum (can add up to 4 guest players)

U13 to U19 = 12 players minimum (can add up to 6 guest players)

Questions about these tournament guest player rules should be sent to the SYSA Registrar assigned to your club for the City Tournament.

ALERT: Car prowls and break ins at Washington Park and Miller playfield parking lots!!!
Do not leave valuables in sight in your car! Lock all items in the trunk.
Break ins happen regularly at these two fields. Take it seriously. Seattle Parks and Seattle Police have been notified about these problems. If you are the victim of a car break-in, please report it to SPD, so they will provide more police presence there. Report all suspicious activity to 911.

2018 City Tournament Assigned Registrars by Club:

Should you need help with registration or a roster issue for the City Tournament, please contact the appropriate registrar listed below.

Ballard, Hillwood, Shorelake and Woodland teams:Paige Blomsø at

Mag, Queen Anne, LVR, Lake City teams:
Anne Bare at

Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, McGilvra, Mt Baker teams: Julie Irwin at

SYSA Player Card Assembly Instructions for Coaches and Managers

Player Cards are required for all players, managers, and coaches. You will need to show the cards and the signed game sheet to the referee BEFORE each City Tournament game.

Player card packets will be mailed to coaches by Wednesday, November 14th.

Please read the following instructions to prepare these cards. Email the SYSA Registrar Paige Blomsø right away if your card packet is incomplete at

To Prepare Your Team's Player Cards

  1. Tear the card down the middle, along the perforated edge. Coaches keep the white pass card, while the blue membership card is to be given to each player.

  2. Verify that all information on the front of the pass is correct.
  3. Legal names are mandatory.
  4. Laminate each card. This is REQUIRED. Laminating can be done with individual sleeves available at drugstores and office supply stores, or by machine available at Kinko's or other copy stores.
  5. Attach all the white cards, for both coaches and players, on an "O" ring, so they are kept together to be easily handled by the referee.
The Membership Card (the blue part) belongs to the player for verification of proper registration with WSYSA.

Note that players and coaches are no longer required to sign their card.

GAME SCHEDULES for the 2018 City Tournament

Games schedules for the 2018 tournament will be posted here November 16. Please check back then.

For each age/gender there is a list of teams, the ladder of games as shown in a visual layout and the list of games with dates, locations and times to match the teams and ladder. This is a double elimination tournament up to the final game. See FAQ below. NOTE: This is a blind draw schedule. There is no seeding of teams.

Gender Age Group Division Teams Games Ladder
Boys U11 Div 1 BU11 D1 BU11 D1 BU11 D1
Boys U11 Div 2 BU11 D2 BU11 D2 BU11 D2
Boys U12 Div 1 BU12 D1 BU12 D1 BU12 D1
Boys U12 Div 2 BU12 D2 BU12 D2 BU12 D2
Boys U13 BU13 BU13 BU13
Boys U14 Div 1 BU14 D1 BU14 D1 BU14 D1
Boys U14 Div 2 BU14 D2 BU14 D2 BU14 D2
Boys U15 BU15 BU15 BU15
Boys U17 BU17 BU17 BU17
Boys U18/19 BU18/19 BU18/19 BU18/19
Girls U11 Div 1 GU11 D1 GU11 D1 GU11 D1
Girls U11 Div 2 GU11 D2 GU11 D2 GU11 D2
Girls U12 Div 1 GU12 D1 GU12 D1 GU12 D1
Girls U12 Div 2 GU12 D2 GU12 D2 GU12 D2
Girls U13 GU13 GU13 GU13
Girls U14 GU14 GU14 GU14
Girls U16 GU16 GU16 GU16
Girls U18 GU18/19 GU18/19 GU18/19

Report Your Game Scores After Each Game
Email the score of your game as soon as possible to We need a quick turnaround to update the brackers. Both coaches should email the game score to help verify accuracy.

Player Card Photo Upload

Every player, coach, and manager MUST have a card at each game to show to the referee at check in. Each card must have a photo of the player or coach or manager. Registrars will print player card packets, and mail them to the main contact for the team by November 16. Each packet will include player and coach card, assembly instructions, and a registrar-signed game sheet that you will photo copy to have enough for each game in the tournament.

To Upload Player & Coach Photos into Affinity:

  1. Login to your Affinity member account.
  2. On your 'member profile' page, scroll down to the Teams tab, and open it.
  3. Click the 'edit' button next to the Rec 2018/19 to open your current team page.
  4. On the team page, open the Team Roster tab.
  5. Click the head shot icon next to each team member's name to open the upload tool.
  6. Proceed as prompted for each coach, asst coach, team manager, and player.

Practice during City Tournament. There are a few fields which have now been allocated as drop in practice locations for any recreational team participating in city tournament. They will be listed here at this link once we know them. All users must share the field with other users. It is possible that these will have to be used for games if weather or other issues necessitate game movement so check back prior to going to the site. Be sure you go to the specific field shown. Enjoy the tournament!

U11 and U12 Special Rules and Field Setup

All U11 and U12 teams in the City Tournament will follow a set of special rules, have a modified Sideline policy, and will have a unique field setup at a number of fields. Coaches of U11 and U12 teams are asked to bring waz marker cones and assist in field setup before their games.

NOTE: Games at Jefferson Playfield will be played using fully lined U11 and U12 size fields. No waz markers or special setup is needed at that field.

Click here for the Special U11 and U12 Rules

U11 and U12 coaches should print out copies of these documents and bring them to the field. Please contact if you have any questions.

Sideline Policy

The SYSA policy for sidelines called Side By Side will be in effect again this year for all City Tournament games. Coaches: please position yourself and your team on the sideline between the 18 yd and midfield lines on one end of the field. Respect your opponent's space and don't advance past midfield. Click here for a description of that policy.

This policy is different for U11 and U12 teams because of their unique field setup. Read the modified Sideline Policy in the U11 and U12 Special Rules above.

City Tournament Field Lights

Lights at City Tournament game fields are programmed to come on 30 minutes before game time. Please DO NOT call Seattle Parks earlier than 30 minutes before the game start time. Thanks! If the lights do not come on before your game, call this number: 1-855-330-8400

Previous City Tournament Champions

For a list of former City Tournament Champions, click here.

Good of the Game
2017 City Tournament
Comments by coaches, parents, and players

Comments received from teams about the good things that happen during the City tournament will be posted here as they are received. Share your stories and pictures and love of the game!! Email to along with the game scores.

GU16 -- Very intense semi-final between two evenly matched teams where the first goal was going to make all the difference. 0-0 at half-time made for a very entertaining second half ….. the fans got their money's worth :) On to the final, but all respect to Marc and his team as every year we know we're going to have a great game against the Cheetahs. Excellent work by Romio in the middle- he called a very fair game. It was funny when one player complained about a foul, he calmly stated "I don't make them, I just call them"- great to have that experience out there.

GU13 -- Golden Eagles played very well and were good sports about the outcome - heads held high as they should. I was impressed with their intensity and breadth though we worked hard to shut down one of their best players. Game could have easily gone the other way. Will look forward to playing them again next season.

BU11 -- Great match!

GU11 -- Well, that does it for us. The tournament was a great experience for our players, and we grew more over the last couple weeks than we did over the entire regular season. Brilliant idea to split up the division into a lower and upper, it really made the tournament so much more enjoyable for our team.

GU19 -- I'd like to take a moment to thank the refereeing crews who have looked after our games all season. It's often a thankless task, and I wanted to recognize and appreciate their efforts.

BU14 -- Supersonic played a great game.

BU19 I think for the first time ever, our season ended on a nice sunny day instead of a dark and stormy night! Sadly, though, today marked the end of the Vikings' 13 year run and the end of my 18 year run as a coach for Ballard Soccer. It's been an honor and a pleasure to have worked with some really great teams and so many great boys and girls over the years. I hope I made a difference in their lives as they certainly made a difference in mine! It's been a great 18 years filled with victories and heartaches, and I have many wonderful memories, but it's time to accept "the final whistle" and put my stopwatch away for good…..

On behalf of the Vikings, a big thank you and a fond farewell to all the hardworking volunteers and staff at SYSA and Ballard Soccer.

BU14 -- Good tight game.

GU16 -- Another exciting game under the lights with two well matched teams- our girls held on after some brave defending against an energetic Regals team. They came at us hard during the final 15 minutes to make for a very tense finale, but we managed to get over the finish line (barely) Great effort and spirit by both teams- this one typified what the tournament is all about. Thanks to the ref (Greg)- he let the girls play and called it when needed.

GU11 -- Our girls were all in tears after this tournament, maybe some of the parents too! The whole thing was a crazy, new, intense experience. We had our ups and downs (went 2-2 overall, lost a game in penalty kicks, won a game in penalty kicks, etc.) but overall it was a great experience. The teams and players we played against all showed great sportsmanship, and our girls did too, even in defeat and through tears. Thank you for putting on the tournament and good luck to the remaining teams!

GU11 -- This game was hard fought and intense. All the girls showed their huge hearts, gave everything they had and never gave up.

BU11 -- Tough game for our third game against Lava Lizards this year. Lava Lizards played a great game.

BU19 -- It was a hard fought game by two fairly evenly matched teams in very cold conditions on a very slippery field with a cold, slippery ball and neither team was able to overcome their opponent's defense or the two very talented Keepers. The first half ended in a 0-0 draw, and the second half saw more of the same back and forth possession right up until the 90th minute, ending regular time still at 0-0. Fortunately, luck was with the Vikings in the Shoot Out and we were able to secure the win during the first 5. It's a terrible way to end a hard fought tournament game and my hat is off to the Blue Bombers for a game well played. At U19, we are all playing in our last SYSA City Tournament, and for all of us, our last game will be our last game as a Team. Whether we go one more game or make it to the end, we are all going to see our last game very soon, and that makes this City Tournament kind of poignant for all of us.

GU19 -- Thanks to Karma for a close and well-fought game. Even the shootout was close! Best wishes for next season.

BU13 -- We enjoy playing The Rocket Grrls because it's always a challenging match. They are a well coached team that really has fun out there on the field.

BU11 -- It was a great game, so exciting. A shame one team had to lose....especially ours.

BU11 -- Great game, Supersonics made a strong late push. Congratulations Supersonics!

GU19 -- We've had some fantastic games against the Cougars over many years. We've won a few, we've lost a few, but the games have always been close, fun and competitive encounters. Today was no exception, settled luckily for us in the very last minute. I want to personally thank Herve, the coach of the Cougars, who is a class act and a great coach, for the great games and camaraderie over the years.

GU13 -- Mag Mambas were a great team, good sportsmanship to the end.

BU14 -- Good friendly game tonight.

BU19 -- It was classic SYSA Tournament weather- 40deg, and torrential rain, but
thankfully, no wind!

BU11 -- Congrats Fury! Good fun game today.

GU16 -- The old phrase "it's a funny old game" really applies to this rivalry we have with the Tigers ….. despite numerous chances to score we couldn't finish and a late goal edged it for our opponent. Their hustle and organization meant for an evenly matched game throughout. The Tigers goalie was awesome, although I think there was some strange 'force field' around the goal at times. Good luck to them and we hope to see them one more time in the Final.

GU11 -- Three of the goals were penalty kicks. Tough game for the girls. They didn't let it get to them and they played hard the entire game!! They are ready for our next opponent!!

BU14 -- All the boys played great!

GU12 -- Well played match in terrible weather, great sportsmanship on both sides. For example, unintentional trip called on both sides - both times the offending player offered a hand to help the other player up after the ball and shook hands after the whistle to apologize. LVR Fireworks girls had a great play hard but fair attitude - nice team. Referee was great, consistent calls, hand gestures to assist understanding possession and whistled call, and helped explain calls to girls when needed (offsides, hand ball, unintentional fouls)

BU13/GU19 -- Thanks for the flexibility and patience of coaches, parents and players scheduled to play at Interbay Stadium and had to wait for a delayed Seattle Parks staff member to open up the facility.

GU19 -- competitive game but the best team won on the night. Good luck to the Tigers for the rest of the Tournament.

BU13 -- I am proud of our how boys played tonight against an incredibly strong LVR Strikers team. QA AC never gave up even though we were outmatched by a classy opponent.

GU11 -- The girls had so much fun. But then it came to penalty shots. Our first three missed and then the next two scored. Our goalie saved 5 out of six of the penalty shots. It was so close. I had to tell them we won. You won girls!! Nice job!!

GU11 -- The coach of the Mag Rain and his players were class acts. The ref was great, and overall this was a really well played, passionate game. Our girls had never done a penalty kick shootout, and we incredibly nervous, excited, etc. That was intense and congratulations to the Mag Rain!

BU13 -- Even when down, Queen Anne played hard to the end and kept our defense busy. Great job, guys!

GU12 -- the Woodland Imps play very good team and individual soccer. They are obviously well coach and have skilled players that work hard, pass the ball around and play off the ball better than anyone else we have played.

GU11 -- Mag Moxie played a super game. They showed their speed, skill, heart and focus. Congratulations on a strong win!

GU13 -- We always have a competitive game against the Rocket Grrls. They got us tonight...but we'll be ready next time! Fun game to watch.
GU16 -- The Dream Team prevailed over the much improved Mustangs this evening under unusually pleasant Tournament conditions. A very tight game where either team could have pipped it- good luck to The Mustangs as they progress. Thanks to the referee crew for a well-run game- always good to have experienced folks take on these games and make them such a special event for the girls.
BU14 -- A hard fought game against a team we played during the season who just have our number. They have a speedy defender who was hard to beat. He hurt his ankle right at the end of the game and we all wish him well. Good luck Zebras!
GU16 -- Good game, lost on an unfortunate mistake on our side.
BU12 -- thanks for a fun match; your guys played a great game! Good luck in the rest of the tournament

BU12 -- We had a great ref tonight!

BU16 - Well played game at Interbay tonight. Both Queen Anne teams battled hard to the final whistle. This game felt like it was heading towards PK's but a crazy goal from our side ended up being the difference.

BU12 -- The game started out with a goal in the first few minutes and kicked off a competitive and engaging game. Both teams showed great sportsmanship and the Fire Jets kept the pressure on and and continued to push the Blue Falcons defense and gained well shot goals. The goals both teams earned were solid shots, that were set up with effective passing and placement. It was a cold game but under the nights on a weeknight playing soccer the spirits were high. It was really great to see the tournament atmosphere creating a new challenge, teamwork and increased enthusiasm in the game.

BU12 -- Wow...what an epic battle.

BU13 -- Despite going down early, the WD Firebolts played hard and fair throughout the game. They almost tied up the game with their strong play. After the game, our players commented that they have great shooters. We wish them good luck in the tournament.

BU11 -- Fantastic game, great matchup.

GU12 - I was really proud of how well the team played, lots of crisp passing, give-and-go attempts, and pressure-on right to the end. This squad has a lot of heart! They just want to play!

BU14 -- Tough game on a huge field. Ref did very well.

GU13 - Husky Pups are really well rounded team. Lots of great passing and communication on the field.

BU14 - Toward the end of the game when the Bolts were pushing hard to even the score, there was an excellent display of sweeper-keeper play by the Bolts' keeper. In the last 15 min he played more balls with his feet than with his hands, helping create a lot of pressure on the Dragons' defense in the last minutes of the game. All boys on both teams played hard and fair.

GU12 - Well played match, good sportsmanship and goal keeping on both sides.