All teams must use the Affinity rosters for State Cup matches.

For additional tournament information, visit the WYS tournament page.

For additional information or complete league schedules, visit the North Puget Sound League page or WYS league pages.

Update Friday March 15

Games are now posted through May 5. If no field/time has been assigned for your game, this is because it falls on quarterfinal weekend (April 13/14 and April 27/28) and I need to first wait and see which teams are advancing.

Please scroll through the entire file for your games. RCL teams will find cup games separated from league games. Regional teams playing in the Spring NPSL season will find spring games grouped separate from their Founders Cup games.

All league and cup games for Regional and RCL teams are shown in the chart below. Click on the All Games item by the age/gender of your team.

Age Gender Schedules Age Gender Schedules
U9 Boys All Games U9 Girls All Games
U10 Boys All Games U10 Girls All Games
U11 Boys All Games U11 Girls All Games
U12 Boys All Games U12 Girls All Games
U13 Boys All Games U13 Girls All Games
U14 Boys All Games U14 Girls All Games
U15 Boys All Games U15 Girls All Games
U16 Boys All Games U16 Girls All Games
U17 Boys All Games U17 Girls All Games
U18 Boys All Games U18 Girls All Games
U19 Boys All Games U19 Girls All Games