SYSA Joins the Positive Coaching Alliance!

SYSA is proud to partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA),
a nationwide nonprofit that has positive coaching of youth athletes at the core of its mission.


Attend the FREE Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop just for SYSA Coaches.
Sunday, March 18, 2018 starting at 4pm
at the Mountaineers Club in Seattle's Magnuson Park, 7700 Sand Point Way.
Click here for details.


Spring Soccer in SYSA -- Team registration is now closed. Individual player registration is still open. Visit the Spring Soccer page for all the details and to sign up as a solo player.

Spring Player PDA Training -- Keep your players trained and ready for Spring Soccer with these training programs. The Player Development Academy (PDA) and the Speed/Agility/Quickness program registration is now open. PDA sessions begin Friday, March 2nd. For more information and to register, click here.

Fall 2017 Citywide League Game Rules

SYSA has updated a number of rules, field dimensions, and goals sizes to match the latest US Soccer Player Development Initiatives. For example, the Build Out Line rules will be in effect for all U10 and U11 games, and heading the ball is not allowed in U10 and U11 games. You can find all the rules, including any changes for 2017, on the ADMINSITRATION/Rules and Bylaws page, or by clicking here.

2016 SYSA "Of The Year" Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners for their outstanding efforts in 2016 in support of the kids in SYSA.

Volunteer -- D.J. Yasui, Hillwood
Girls Recreational Coach -- Wayne Saito, Hillwood
Boys Recreational Coach -- Eric Hinze, Shorelake
Administrator -- Perry Lee, CapitolHill
Girls Competitive Coach -- Chad Tripplet, Seattle United
Boys Competitive Coach -- Ebrima Jatta, Seattle United

Get Answers to Questions about SYSA Field Assignments

Questions, confusion, and misinformation about field practice assignments are addressed in the field allocation Frequently Asked Question document. Understand how field time is assigned by Seattle Parks and how it gets to the coaches and teams, and how SYSA is working to improve the process and the field shortage in Seattle. Click here for the FAQ.

Reminder: Dogs Aren't Allowed on Soccer Fields

Most of us love dogs, but they don't belong on soccer fields. There are lots of reasons for this: damage to the field, fouling the surface, risk of infections to players, nuisance and distration to participants. But the main reason SYSA reminds you to leave your dog at home is that both Seattle and Shoreline municipal codes prohibit dogs on playfields. Please respect the law and keep your dog off the soccer fields our kids play on. Thank you!

Soccer Goal Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility!!!

SYSA is committed to safety. Coaches, parents, players -- please help us make our soccer fields safe places for our kids. Soccer goals should always be weighted and anchored, both when in use and especially when not in use. Never let children play or climb on goals. Follow this link for our SYSA policy on goal safety.

Security Contact List

If you run into a problem while at a field, use the list of numbers in the link below to get help.

For problems while at a field, click here for a security phone number list.

For serious emergencies or injury, CALL 911.


The Shorelake GU9 Storm
Send us your photos and we'll post them here! For more information and to see past photos, click here.
Important Dates

February 15 -- Regular priced Spring Soccer team registration closes.

April 8 -- Spring Soccer games begin.

Thank You SYSA Volunteers

The SYSA Board of Commissioners nominated Corey McNamee, Ballard Soccer Club, as volunteer of the month for January for his outstanding work on the SYSA City Tournament. Thank you Corey!!

The Neil Callahan and Ray Farbarik Funds

The Neil Callahan Fund honors the memory of SYSA's late president. To learn more about the fund, click here. Click here to donate to the Neil Callahan Fund.

The Ray Farbarik Fund honors the memory of Woodland Soccer Club's late president. Click here to contribute to the Ray Farbarik Memorial Fund.

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