How to Become a Coach

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach in SYSA and joining the hundreds of others who give their time each year to work with our players, it is best to contact your neighborhood club. All teams and coaches are organized through SYSA's clubs for fall mod and league play. To contact your neighborhood club, click SYSA CLUBS in the left column of this page.

Weekly Newsletter for Coaches

Beginning with the first one on September 14, 2017, SYSA hopes to send out a weekly email newsletter to all U10 and older coaches. We have posted a link to the newsletters here.

September 14, 2017 Newsletter for Coaches

September 27, 2017 Newsletter for Coaches

Players on Multiple Teams

Although Washington Youth Soccer has changed their rules to allow some limited ways for players to participate on a rec and a select team, SYSA has not changed its rules about this. We still do not allow players to be on a recreational team and a select team, either Seattle United or another Washington Youth Soccer select team, at the same time. This includes any high school aged girls whose Seattle United team may not have started training yet.

Players on teams in SYSA can be rostered to and play on only one SYSA/WYS team at a time. Any violation of this rule can result in serious penalties to the coach and team. Please read the following information carefully and make sure all your parents and players are informed and understand this rule.


SYSA is part of Washington Youth Soccer, which in turn is part of US Youth Soccer, which in turn is part of US Soccer Federation.

Unfortunately, because of the way the registration databases work, a player dually registered to two teams - one within SYSA, one within another association under Washington Youth Soccer - can be difficult for the registrars to detect. However, if detected, it is our association's obligation to disqualify the team. If a coach knowingly plays an ineligible player, other and more serious sanctions may apply to the coach. If you have any concerns about a player possibly being on two teams within WYS, contact the SYSA Registrar as soon as possible at


If you have reason to believe that a player is playing with two teams, please check into the situation using the information below to understand the implications.If a player is registered with your SYSA team and also with:

  1. A Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) team - That's OK, because CYO teams are not part of SYSA or with Washington Youth Soccer. The player is playing on only one SYSA/WYS team.

  2. A school team - That's OK, because school teams are not part of SYSA or Washington Youth Soccer. The player is playing on only one SYSA/WYS team.

  3. A team playing under "US Club Soccer" - That's Technically OK, because "US Club Soccer" teams are not part of SYSA or Washington Youth Soccer. However, many of our recreational coaches feel that participation by those players, in either league play or as "ringers" in the City Tournament, is antithetical to the spirit of recreational play, and the practice has triggered multiple complaints from coaches and parents.

  4. A team that is registered within SYSA, or with another association outside of SYSA, that is part of Washington Youth Soccer - That's NOT OK and NOT allowed, and a cause for possible sanctions, including forfeiting of games the player played in, for the coach, player, and team. Seattle United players cannot play on their SU team and a rec team at the same time.

Situations #3 and #4 are the hardest for coaches to figure out, because many of our coaches aren't familiar with which teams might be part of other associations or "US Club Soccer." If in doubt, please seek guidance. Find the name of the other team involved and where the team plays, and contact our association registrar at

Rules & Regulations

The SYSA and Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) regulations restricting players to playing on only one team during a season are copied below. All the SYSA Administration Regulations as well as the Rules of Competition can be found on the SYSA web site at this link, or copy this link and paste it into your browser:

SYSA Rules of Competition

3.3 - No player shall be allowed to register or participate simultaneously on more than one Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) registered team during the same season. This includes the situation where a player is registered to and plays for a recreational team under SYSA, and simultaneously for a team within another club or association that is also part of WSYSA.

SYSA Administrative Regulations

3.4.7 - All players registered on a team are bound to that team for the seasonal year unless properly transferred. No player may play in any scheduled SYSA game except with the team on which he/she is registered.

3.4.8 - No player may be registered on more than one team at any given time within SYSA or WYS jurisdictions.

Goalkeeper Workshop for Coaches (FREE!)

There are two workshops now set up for coaching goalkeepers. The first is Friday, September 8, at Dahl Playfield at 6pm. The second is Friday, September 29, at Garfield Playfields, 6pm. Click here for a link about the workshops.