Soccer fields in the Seattle area are a precious commodity. All field users should treat the fields and the surrounding neighborhoods with care and respect. Here are five simple, easy things you can do to maintain the quality of our fields and the neighborhoods around them.

  • Park with care and in legal parking places. Use parking lots when available.
  • Avoid excessive noise, especially in the evenings.
  • Coaches, spread out your practice on a grass field. Don't use the same spot in front of a goal all season. It ruins the turf.
  • Clean up the field when you are done. Remove any litter. Take all equipment and clothing. Keep the field clean and ready for the next team to use.
  • Report any problems with the field to Seattle or Shoreline Parks or Schools as soon as you notice them so the field can be maintained and repaired.

Seattle Parks and Recreation: (206) 615-1401
Seattle Public Schools: (206) 956-3270
Shoreline Parks and Recreation: (206) 418-3385
Shoreline Schools: (206) 361-4213

There are many ways individual members of Seattle Youth Soccer can help improve the quality and quantity of soccer fields used by our children.

  • Work with your local soccer club - All SYSA soccer clubs rely on volunteers to keep their soccer program going. Many of the tasks help your club with maintaining their fields. Check with your club officers to see where they can use your efforts.
  • Participate in the public process - Decisions about fields are often made after considering public input. Your comments and opinions are important. Contact Seattle or Shoreline Parks and Schools and let them know your thoughts about the fields that our children play on. For contact information, see Related Links.
  • Be a good fields user - Fields need to be used with some care. To learn more about being a good field user, go to Love Your Field.