SYSA Executive Director Application Information
Updated September 5, 2018

Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is recruiting a new Executive Director to replace its current director, who is retiring. A Search Committee comprising members of the SYSA Board of Commissioners and SYSA Staff has been formed to interview and select the next director.

The Committee has put together a summary of Job Qualifications that the committee is seeking in a candidate. You can find that summary at this link.

SYSA Executive Director Job Description and Application Details

The Seattle Youth Soccer Association Executive Director position is a full-time, salaried job that requires a wide range of abilities and talents. The successful candidate will have the right mix of administrative and people skills, initiative, and vision to guide the Association through the constantly changing landscape of youth soccer and youth sports in the coming years.


Nonprofit Management -- The Executive Director works closely with the SYSA Board of Commissioners and the Board President. The director oversees the leagues, events, and initiatives of the Association as it reaches its 50-year anniversary. SYSA and its member clubs are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, so an understanding of nonprofit governance and oversight is an important qualification for any candidate. Working with volunteer board members, creating budgets and reviewing financial statements, and organizing monthly board meetings are essential skills.

External Relations -- External relationships are a key part of the Executive Director's job. SYSA has partnerships with its field providers, Seattle and Shoreline Parks and Schools, as well as local colleges, youth sports groups, field advocacy groups, and local nonprofits. As part of SYSA's field advocacy efforts, the SYSA Executive Director meets frequently with local elected government officials. SYSA has a close relationship with its parent organization, Washington Youth Soccer, as well as surrounding WYS clubs and associations.

Working with People -- SYSA's focus on the well-being of its members - children, families, coaches, volunteers - requires a candidate who can work respectfully with a variety of personalities and backgrounds, and in a variety of situations. Strong listening and communication skills are invaluable. Although infrequent, conflict between individuals does occur. The Executive Director must have the demeanor, temperament, and skill to work through sometimes intense confrontational and emotional situations.

Personnel Management -- The successful candidate will have the experience to manage a small staff of five to six dedicated and talented employees, as well as a number of seasonal contract employees. An ability to motivate and guide employees, execute performance reviews, while bringing out the best in each staff member is important.

Communications -- The Executive Director oversees all communication both within and outside the Association. The ability to write clearly and effectively, to communicate in email and on the SYSA web site, and to handle publicity for training sessions, events, and partnerships is essential. The director will be expected to create and maintain a social media presence

Problem Solving -- Most decisions, issues, and contacts come to the director, who should have strong problem-solving skills and needs to feel comfortable handling all kinds of situations and requests as they occur.

Strategic Vision -- The SYSA director must have the strategic vision to move SYSA forward and provide the services and resources that young athletes and their families want and need. SYSA faces many new challenges. It will need to respond with new methods and approaches to remain a strong and vital part of the Seattle community.

Employment Details

The Executive Director reports to the SYSA Board of Commissioners and the Board President.

The salary range for this position is $60,000 to $80,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience. Employees are currently expected to provide their own work place (all SYSA staff work from home), although a work space could be available at the SYSA offices in Georgetown. SYSA reimburses employees for expenses related to office supplies and other work-related activities. SYSA does not currently offer financial assistance with health plans. The Executive Director manages their own time and work day. Self-motivation and organization are key skills. The job provides a good deal of flexibility during the work day, but requires the need to be on call and available on many evenings and weekends, especially during its major seasons, tournaments and events. The position currently includes 8 weeks of vacation time, scheduled around activities and between seasons.

Applications and Deadlines

To apply for this position, please assemble a cover letter, resume, and a statement of vision for SYSA that answers the question: "What can SYSA be? Where can it go?"

The full application (letter, resume, vision statement) should be emailed to

Applications can also be sent by postal mail to SYSA, 650 So Orcas Street, Suite 220, Seattle Washington, 98108

All applications should be received by SYSA on or before September 30, 2018.

SYSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages candidates with diverse backgrounds to apply.

Thank you for your interest.

The SYSA Board and Staff