Fall 2018 Game Schedules

Schedules for fall 2018 games for SYSA Recreational Citywide League (U10 and older teams) and Seattle United teams are below. SYSA Citywide League games for teams U10 and older begin the weekend of September 8 and 9. For U9 and younger team and game schedules, please check with your neighborhood club.

Please Note: Jewelry is not allowed to be worn during games, as stated in Law 4 of the Rules of the Game. The Seattle Soccer Referees Association has instructed all referees to make sure that players remove jewelry before the start of the game.This includes earrings of any kind. Putting tape over earrings is not a solution that will allow a player to play in the game. The only exception is jewelry worn for religious reasons, or medical ID bracelets, which must be secured or taped to prevent the possibility of any injuries. Thanks for your cooperation with this safety issue!

9/17 update: SYSA schedules are posted for games through October 21st. We are waiting to confirm the reopening date of Shoreline A/B before completing the rest of the season schedules.

Seattle United SYSA Recreational
Boys Girls Boys Girls

U10 Jamboree Groups

U10 Jamboree Schedule

U10 Jamboree Groups

U10 Jamboree Schedule

BU10 GU10 BU10 League GU10 League
BU11 GU11 BU11 GU11
BU12 GU12 BU12 GU12
BU13 GU13 BU13 GU13
BU14 GU14 BU14 GU14
BU15 GU15 (8th grade) BU15
BU16 GU16 (winter 2018) GU15-U16
BU17 GU17 (winter 2018) BU16-U17
BU18 GU18 (winter 2018)
BU19 GU19 (winter 2018) BU18-U19 GU17-U19

2018 Coaches Handbooks

Hello Coaches. Thank you for coaching the children in SYSA! Please read through the information in these Handbooks before the start of the 2018 season. They contain important information for you and your team for the coming season in SYSA's Citywide League.

πŸ“’ U10 Coaches Handbook πŸ“’ U11 & Older Coaches Handbook

Pre-Game Logistics

☎ Contact Opponents - Contact your opponent during the week before each game to verify time, field location, team colors, and to be aware of special problems with fields or personnel. There's nothing more frustrating than to show up with your team at a field expecting a game, only find out you or your opponent has the wrong field or time!!

πŸ“ Game Day Rosters - Each team (coach or manager) is responsible for providing multiple copies of the team's Roster for every regular season game. This information is used by coaches & referees to ensure the integrity and saftey of theplayers and the competition is maintained.

πŸš— Parking - Please check the Find a FIELD and More/Field Locations and Directions page for notations on parking at various sites. Thanks for your consideration to park in the right places and respect the facilities and neighbors

NOTE: Washington Park Field -- There are been many car break-ins and thefts reported in the parking lot. Do not leave valuables in your car during games!

⚽ Field Setup - Diagrams for U11 and U12 Fields -- Click here.

U10 Jamboree - As a way to introduce new rules and a broader scope of competition, U10 teams participate in a one day Jamboree. This invovles a series of three 20-minute matches at one field before the regular season starts. The Seattle Soccer Referees Association (SSRA) also uses this event to train new referees. Refer to the Jamboree Team links above to determine your team's assigned group, then look up the group in the Jamboree Schedule to find game times and location. Infomration about the 8-9 game regular season which starts the weekend after the Jamboree is also available above.

Game Rescheduling

Schedules are constructed to be as fair as possible and to offer a chance to play teams from a variety of clubs. Most games start at noon or later except when dictated by limitations of field space and daylight hours. Most teams will complete their season in the first week in November, but field and light limitations required that some games be played into the second and third week of November.

Recreational Fall Citywide League (U-10 and older) - It is usually NOT POSSIBLE to reschedule: refer to the Game Rescheduling Policy for more information.

Recreational Club Leagues (U-09 and under) - Contact your club for game rescheduling policy and precedures.

Seattle United (Select & Premier) - Schedule changes policies vary and are set by the guidelines for the leagues. Contact the SYSA game scheduler for information and requests at sysa.scheduler@gmail.com

City & State Tournaments Scheduling Conflicts - Refer to TOURNAMENTS for more information, including how to address possible conflicts.