The largest tournament of its kind in the state, SYSA's modified double-elimination City Tournament allows SYSA's U11 and older Recreational teams to finish the season with two guaranteed additional games. In the first week or two, many of the games are played in the evening on lighted fields. The kids are always excited about playing under the lights in a tournament atmosphere, and many teams surprise their coaches (and themselves) by raising their level of play because of it. The City Tournament began in 1969, and has been held every year since. Don't miss out on the excitement and fun of this great event!

SYSA 2018 City Tournament Championship Finals Results

The Championship games were held on Saturday, December 15, at the Ingraham High School Athletic Complex and Shoreline Center fields. Congratulations to all our finalists!

Boys U11 Div 1 Ballard TURF MONKEYS 7 0 Queen Anne TIGERS
Boys U11 Div 2 Hillwood DYNAMITE 3 2 LVR TEAM BROCCOLI
Boys U12 Div 1 Woodland FIRE CHEETAHS 4 0 Beacon Hill TECOS B12
Boys U12 Div 2 Mount Baker Lakewood FALCONS 2 1 Ballard SPITTING COBRAS OF DOOM
Boys U13 Magnolia FIREBALLS 1 2 Ballard BLIZZARD
Boys U14 Div 1 Woodland LIGHTNING BOLTS 1 2 Woodland COUGARS
Boys U14 Div 2 LVR COMSOS II 1 2 Magnolia PUMAS
Boys U15 Mount Baker Lakewood DRAGONS 0 1 Ballard RIPTIDE
Boys U17 McGilvra MATRIX 0 2 Queen Anne BLACK LASERS
Boys U19 Woodland BULLDOGS 2 1 Ballard RED DEVILS
Girls U11 Div 1 Hillwood SPEEDY CHEETAHS 0 8 Beacon Hill TECOS G11
Girls U12 Div 1 LVR PURPLE REIGN 2 0 Woodland BUSY BEES
Girls U12 Div 2 Ballard THUNDERBIRDS 0 1 Queen Anne KICKIN' KANGAROOS
Girls U13 Woodland CHEETAH STARS 0 1 Ballard SHOOTING STARS
Girls U14 LVR HUSKY PUPS 2 0 Mount Baker Lakewood GOLDEN EAGLES
Girls U19 West Seattle VALKYRIES 1 2 Ballard OSPREY

Previous City Tournament Champions

For a list of former City Tournament Champions, click here.

2018 City Tournament Dates

Here is a calendar of dates for this year's tournament:

Roster Freeze:
November 9. Players cannot be added to teams after this date.
Schedules posted: November 16
First games begin
: Monday, November 26
Championship games: Saturday, December 15

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 City Tournament

Do you know what "modified double elimination" means? How about KFTM? How are brackets decided? What kind of teams enter the tournament? These and other questions are answered in the FAQ about City Tournament. Read the City Tournament FAQ at this link.

2018 City Tournament Guest Player Rules

Maximum Roster Sizes
Teams cannot have more players on the roster for the tournament than the maximum for their age group. If a team had an approved exception to go above the roster maximum in the fall, they cannot add players to go back above the roster maximum for the tournament. The deadline for final roster changes is November 9. All additions of guest players to a roster must be approved by the SYSA City Tournament committee. The roster maximums are:

U11, U12 = 14 players maximum

U13 to U15 = 18 players maximum

U16 to U19 = 22 players maximum, with a limit of 18 on the game day roster.

Minimum Roster Sizes
Teams should have a mostly intact fall team to enter the tournament. Merging parts of two teams to form one whole team is not permitted. The minimum number of players on a team from the fall, and the maximum number of guest players they can add, is listed below.

U11, U12 = 10 players minimum (can add up to 4 guest players)

U13 to U19 = 12 players minimum (can add up to 6 guest players)

Questions about these tournament guest player rules should be sent to the SYSA Registrar assigned to your club for the City Tournament.

ALERT: Car prowls and break ins at Washington Park and Miller playfield parking lots!!!
Do not leave valuables in sight in your car! Lock all items in the trunk.
Break ins happen regularly at these two fields. Take it seriously. Seattle Parks and Seattle Police have been notified about these problems. If you are the victim of a car break-in, please report it to SPD, so they will provide more police presence there. Report all suspicious activity to 911.

2018 City Tournament Assigned Registrars by Club:

Should you need help with registration or a roster issue for the City Tournament, please contact the appropriate registrar listed below.

Ballard, Hillwood, Shorelake and Woodland teams:Paige Blomsø at

Mag, Queen Anne, LVR, Lake City teams:
Anne Bare at

Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, McGilvra, Mt Baker teams: Julie Irwin at

SYSA Player Card Assembly Instructions for Coaches and Managers

Player Cards are required for all players, managers, and coaches. You will need to show the cards and the signed game sheet to the referee BEFORE each City Tournament game.

Player card packets will be mailed to coaches by Wednesday, November 14th.

Please read the following instructions to prepare these cards. Email the SYSA Registrar Paige Blomsø right away if your card packet is incomplete at

To Prepare Your Team's Player Cards

  1. Tear the card down the middle, along the perforated edge. Coaches keep the white pass card, while the blue membership card is to be given to each player.

  2. Verify that all information on the front of the pass is correct.
  3. Legal names are mandatory.
  4. Laminate each card. This is REQUIRED. Laminating can be done with individual sleeves available at drugstores and office supply stores, or by machine available at Kinko's or other copy stores.
  5. Attach all the white cards, for both coaches and players, on an "O" ring, so they are kept together to be easily handled by the referee.
The Membership Card (the blue part) belongs to the player for verification of proper registration with WSYSA.

Note that players and coaches are no longer required to sign their card.

For a printable version of these instructions, click here.

GAME SCHEDULES for the 2018 City Tournament

Games schedules for the 2018 tournament will be posted here November 16. Please check back then.

For each age/gender there is a list of teams, the ladder of games as shown in a visual layout and the list of games with dates, locations and times to match the teams and ladder. This is a double elimination tournament up to the final game. See FAQ below. NOTE: This is a blind draw schedule. There is no seeding of teams.

Gender Age Group Division Teams Games Ladder
Boys U11 Div 1 BU11 D1 BU11 D1 BU11 D1
Boys U11 Div 2 BU11 D2 BU11 D2 BU11 D2
Boys U12 Div 1 BU12 D1 BU12 D1 BU12 D1
Boys U12 Div 2 BU12 D2 BU12 D2 BU12 D2
Boys U13 BU13 BU13 BU13
Boys U14 Div 1 BU14 D1 BU14 D1 BU14 D1
Boys U14 Div 2 BU14 D2 BU14 D2 BU14 D2
Boys U15 BU15 BU15 BU15
Boys U17 BU17 BU17 BU17
Boys U18/19 BU18/19 BU18/19 BU18/19
Girls U11 Div 1 GU11 D1 GU11 D1 GU11 D1
Girls U11 Div 2 GU11 D2 GU11 D2 GU11 D2
Girls U12 Div 1 GU12 D1 GU12 D1 GU12 D1
Girls U12 Div 2 GU12 D2 GU12 D2 GU12 D2
Girls U13 GU13 GU13 GU13
Girls U14 GU14 GU14 GU14
Girls U16 GU16 GU16 GU16
Girls U18 GU18/19 GU18/19 GU18/19

Report Your Game Scores After Each Game
Email the score of your game as soon as possible to We need a quick turnaround to update the brackers. Both coaches should email the game score to help verify accuracy.

Player Card Photo Upload

Every player, coach, and manager MUST have a card at each game to show to the referee at check in. Each card must have a photo of the player or coach or manager. Registrars will print player card packets, and mail them to the main contact for the team by November 16. Each packet will include player and coach card, assembly instructions, and a registrar-signed game sheet that you will photo copy to have enough for each game in the tournament.

To Upload Player & Coach Photos into Affinity:

  1. Login to your Affinity member account.
  2. On your 'member profile' page, scroll down to the Teams tab, and open it.
  3. Click the 'edit' button next to the Rec 2018/19 to open your current team page.
  4. On the team page, open the Team Roster tab.
  5. Click the head shot icon next to each team member's name to open the upload tool.
  6. Proceed as prompted for each coach, asst coach, team manager, and player.

Practice during City Tournament. There are a few fields which have now been allocated as drop in practice locations for any recreational team participating in city tournament. They are listed here. All users must share the field with other users. It is possible that these will have to be used for games if weather or other issues necessitate game movement so check back prior to going to the site. Be sure you go to the specific field shown. Enjoy the tournament!

U11 and U12 Special Rules and Field Setup

All U11 and U12 teams in the City Tournament will follow a set of special rules, have a modified Sideline policy, and will have a unique field setup at a number of fields. Coaches of U11 and U12 teams are asked to bring waz marker cones and assist in field setup before their games.

NOTE: Games at Jefferson Playfield will be played using fully lined U11 and U12 size fields. No waz markers or special setup is needed at that field.

Click here for the Special U11 and U12 Rules

U11 and U12 coaches should print out copies of these documents and bring them to the field. Please contact if you have any questions.

Sideline Policy

The SYSA policy for sidelines called Side By Side will be in effect again this year for all City Tournament games. Coaches: please position yourself and your team on the sideline between the 18 yd and midfield lines on one end of the field. Respect your opponent's space and don't advance past midfield. Click here for a description of that policy.

This policy is different for U11 and U12 teams because of their unique field setup. Read the modified Sideline Policy in the U11 and U12 Special Rules above.

City Tournament Field Lights

Lights at City Tournament game fields are programmed to come on 30 minutes before game time. Please DO NOT call Seattle Parks earlier than 30 minutes before the game start time. Thanks! If the lights do not come on before your game, call this number: 1-855-330-8400

Previous City Tournament Champions

For a list of former City Tournament Champions, click here.

Good of the Game
2018 City Tournament
Comments by coaches, parents, and players

Comments received from teams about the good things that happen during the City tournament will be posted here as they are received. Share your stories and pictures and love of the game!! Email to along with the game scores.

11/26 - Tonights game was literally show stopping at times as the ball would come to a stand still in puddles. But we splashed on and played much stronger against this team tonight then in regular season and walked off the field with a 1-3 loss.

11/26 - We appreciated the chance to play tonight under the lights of Interbay Stadium--our team's first game in a stadium. We also appreciated the chance to play the Magnolia Eagles. I felt that both teams were good sports in the heavy rain.

11/26 - Wet, Cold, Fun Game!

11/26 - Super rainy game but lots of fun. Ref was great and we had a first time scorer

11/26 - We had a great first game of the tournament tonight.

11/27 - The busy bees came out flying and showed us what serious energy looks like. They played a great game.

11/27 - The score was not really reflective of the game. The Orange Dragons played tough and kept the pressure on from opening kick to final whistle, their opportunities just didn't fall. The coach of the Dragons and his team are pure class, great sportsmanship and tough competitors!

11/28 - Fun first game of the tournament which ended in PKs! The referee did a good job and the other team played well and had great sportsmanship!

11/29 -- Well lady luck was definitely on our side tonight! Given we had 5 or 6 shots the entire game and 0 corner kicks, while our opponents had ~ 15 shots and ~ 8 corners! All one way traffic in the second half made for an exciting end to this one. Good luck to the Tigers, they really deserved better tonight ……. hope to see them in the final.

11/29 -- Another closely-matched and well-played tournament game tonight

11/29 -- Such a well matched group of players - all from Woodland. Either team could have won. Great sportsmanship!

11/29 -- What a great game! The Big Hearts played as their name implies - with lots of heart! Scorpions stole a goal in the last minute to tie it up. And our goalie just nailed it during PKs. Coaches were awesome as were refs. Thanks for a great game.

11/29 -- Despite the loss, our first shootout was a great learning experience, as well as a bonding moment for our team. I haven't seen our players all spontaneously link arms like they did while watching the shots--there's just something about being supportive in a pressure situation that brings a group together. Also, our rivals showed class throughout the match and even afterward with the gesture of picking up our cones and delivering them to us while our players recovered.

11/29 -- Kudos to BAL Osprey for a great battle tonight. We've had some close games through the years, including a tie in seasonal play this Fall. The first City Tournament game was no different. A hard fought game, but one that was remarkably clean. We appreciate the fair play!

12/1 - HW played incredibly well. All of their players maintained a high level of competition throughout the game without being overly aggressive.

12/1 - Great match today by both teams. Our referee Duncan was awesome!

12/1 - Thanks to the WD Silver Phantoms and all the refs.

12/1 - WOW. Our game could not have been closer. It was settled by a tense penalty shootout.

12/1 - Great back/forth game which finished regulation with a 4-4 tie, under the lights at Twin Ponds. Going into PKs is always a tough way to win or lose, but it was fitting for this game. In the 7th round, our opponent calmly planted theirs in the corner, and we didn't. Hard fought game and we can only wish our opponent the best as they advance.

12/2 - Hard fought game between two physical teams.

12/2 - The regals put up a great fight especially given that they ended the game with 8 players. Hope to see them next year!

12/2 - Even match up. Both teams played their hearts out.

12/3 -- Great game in a championship-like atmosphere. Huskies almost tied it up, but couldn't quit connect on a few chances. Looking forward to meeting that team again in the Tournament!

12/3 -- The Hounds and the Great White Sharks played a great, evenly balanced match this evening . Both teams gave it their all until the very end!

12/6 -- The Tigers and Great White Sharks played a very close match this evening. The Tigers defense was tremendous and the match came down to a final corner kick play. Cold nail bitter for sure! A shout out to our referee Owen for calling a great match!

12/6 -- Great game. Turf Monkeys are the real deal. Great sportsmanship. Even though we lost still very proud of the way we played. All the boys on both sides showed a ton of heart!

12/6 - Good game all around. Cold.

12/8 -- Really evenly matched game for the winners bracket. Best team won tonight. Hope to see these ladies in the final for another chance.

12/8 -- Really evenly matched game for the winners bracket. Best team won tonight. Hope to see these ladies in the final for another chance.

12/9 -- Cold wet game between two strong teams today! Our Referee and two AR's did a great job.

12/9 -- We have played this team before, and it is a pleasure to play them, even in the driving rain. They don't quit. Seems like this game could have gone either way.

12/9 -- Hi there! Great game today against a classy team.

12/10 -- Thank you WD Tigers for a great game last night. We've had a number of close battles through the years and this was no different. The Tigers always play hard to the very end. We know we're in for another great match against either Tigers or Osprey in the Final!

12/12-- Sounder Girls showed incredible skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Their players, parents and coaches are great on and off the field in both victory and defeat.

12/12 - This game set up well from the start with the two teams shouting distinctive team cheers. It's possible the Soccer Llamas even won the tournament on that front, and it was a closely matched contest tonight the whole way through. Both sides should be proud of their play. The ref crew made good calls, too.