SYSA Volunteers Make It All Possible!!

Seattle Youth Soccer Association is supported by a large group of talented and dedicated volunteers. We'd like to take every chance we can to send a huge THANK YOU!! to the folks who make such a big difference for our kids.

For a list of SYSA Legends, click here.

Volunteering for SYSA

SYSA and its member clubs rely on volunteers for nearly all of its operations. When parents show up at a field for their child's practice or a game, they may not realize the hundreds of hours of volunteer time that went into making it all happen. It literally takes an army of volunteers to organize a soccer season for 13,000 kids!

To offer your help as a volunteer, contact your neighborhood club. You can find them listed under CLUBS in the left column of this page. If you would like advice or assistance or if you have any questions, you contact SYSA directly and we'll be happy to direct you.

Call 206-552-0723, or email information@sysa.org.

There are many ways that you can help organize and produce the great soccer experience that thousands of our kids have every year. Most volunteer activity happens within SYSA's neighborhood clubs. Here are a few of the many positions that the clubs need help with:

  • Team Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • Club Board Members
  • Club Field Assignors and Setup Coordinators
  • Club Registrars and Web Site Support
  • Club Treasurers
Previous soccer experience is NOT necessary to assist your club. There are many activities that you can help with without a soccer background at all.

Volunteering for SYSA club is a great way to keep our excellent program of youth soccer continuing in Seattle. You'll meet friendly new people or re-acquaint yourself with some you already know. You'll share a great experience together and have fun doing it. And you'll experience the satisfaction of seeing the joy on the faces of our children as they play the world's sport -- the Beautiful Game -- each year right here in Seattle.

SYSA Volunteer of the Month Winners

Congratulations to these volunteers, who were nominated by club commissioners at the monthly SYSA Board of Commissioners meeting, for their outstanding service to their clubs and to SYSA.
January, 2014 Mark Reys, SYSA VP Competition, Queen Anne
November, 2013 Kara and Bassim, Dowidar, Lake City
October, 2013 Jami Geis and Teddi Patchett, Shorelake
Lila Pinksfeld,
Lake City
Heidi Layton, Woodland
March, 2013 Susan Martin, Shorelake
February, 2013
January, 2013 Teddi Patchett, Shorelake
November, 2012 Rob Mcuiston, Lyn Huston
October, 2012

Harry Leavitt, Beacon Hill
Lynda Zeis, Woodland

September, 2012 Greg Morrow, Lake City
August, 2012 Tami Oki, Woodland
July, 2012
June, 2012 Janet Wilson, Gene Rice, LVR
May, 2012 Margaret Bay, Mt Baker/Lakewood
April, 2012
March, 2012 Gerrry Wheaton, Shorelake
Jonathan Smith, Capitol Hill
February, 2012 Cyndy Masada, Seattle United
January, 2012 Peter Stirling, Magnolia
December, 2011 Stephanie Harrington, Queen Anne
Jeff Huse, Mt Baker
November, 2011 Jesus Cardenas, Beacon Hill
October, 2011 Mike Bell, Hillwood
September, 2011 Anne Bare, McGilvra
August, 2011 SYSA Fields Task Force: Amy Sing, Ballard;
Ben Wilson, Mt Baker; Bob Sigley, Magnolia;
Bruce Clarkson, McGilvra; Dave Hennes,
Seattle United; Duncan Munro, SYSA
President; Eric Strandberg, Hillwood;
John Clarke, LVR; Karen Woo,
Seattle United NE Region; Pat Hegarty, LVR
July, 2011 Mike Connell, TOPS
June, 2011 Holli Brandt, Seattle United
May, 2011 Shiloh De Vera, Woodland
March, 2011 Ben Wilson, Mt. Baker
David Harmon, Woodland
February, 2011 Ian Pina, Magnolia
Cynthia Slate, Seattle United
January, 2011 Jamie Holter, Hillwood Club
December, 2010 Mark Reyes, Queen Anne Club
November, 2010 Michael Nouwens, Hillwood Club
October, 2010 Scott MacIntyre, McGilvra Club
Rick Hughes, Woodland Club
August, 2010 Dennis Barnes, Shoreline Club
July, 2010 Zea Rain, Student Board Member 2009
Parker Sommerville, Student Board Member 2009
June, 2010
May, 2010 Toni McSorley, Hillwood Club
April, 2010 See Volunteers of the Year for 2009
March, 2010 Kurt Laird, Martha Harney, Rick Bawaan, Chris Toney, LVR
February, 2010 Dave Lancaster, SYSA Disciplinary Chair
January, 2010
December, 2009 Kevin Long, Woodland
November, 2009 Shari Jilka, Pam Sullivan, and Nicole Stagner, Magnolia
October, 2009 Kendall Culwell, McGilvra
Richard Arvey, LVR
August, 2009 Abby Callahan, Sofien El-Mehrik
2008-9 Student Board Members
SYSA Board of Commissioners
July, 2009
June, 2009 Stephanie Harrington, Queen Anne
May, 2009

Doug Broadbent, Magnolia
Vern Nielson, ECFC

April, 2009
March, 2009

Debbie Tonkovich, LVR and Emerald City
Pete Prekeges, Hillwood

February, 2009
January, 2009
December, 2008

Dan Brown, LVR
Rick Bawaan, LVR

November, 2008
October, 2008

Karen Bartlett, Woodland

September, 2008

Frank Strobel, Mt Baker/Lakewood
Dave Gomez, LVR
Mike Murphy, Magnolia

July, 2008

Anne Wicken, Shorelake

May, 2008

Ken Sloan, Woodland

April, 2008

Roberta Lindeman, Mt. Baker/Lakewood
Phil Herold, Hillwood
Wendy Mullen, Ballard

March, 2008

Brooks Schomburg, SYSA Treasurer

February, 2008

Jon Matsushita, SYSA VP Select Development

December, 2007

Kurt Grevstad, Magnolia

November, 2007

Alyson Stage, LVR
Eric Strandberg, Hillwood

October, 2007

Duncan Munro, Woodland
Mike Landsaal, LVR

September, 2007

Ken Mostow, Mt. Baker/Lakwood
Terry Rosencrantz, Capitol Hill

August, 2007

Pat Hegarty, LVR
Andy Westmark, Ballard
Kendall Culwell, McGilvra

SYSA 2012 Volunteer
Award Winners

Liz Soberg
Beacon Hill Club

2017 Volunteer of the Year
Seattle Youth Soccer Association

Kurt Laird,
LVR Club

2017 Administrator of the Year
Seattle Youth Soccer Association

Adrienne Rosenblum
Shorelake Club

2017 Girls Rec Coach of the Year
Seattle Youth Soccer Association

Steve Officer
Shorelake Club

2018 Boys Rec Coach of the Year
Seattle Youth Soccer Association