The colors and logos in this guide have been carefully developed to establish and solidify the unique brand identity of the Seattle Youth Soccer Association and the identity of its programs and events. Your adherence with the consistent application and usage of these colors and logos will continue to build a strong, unique and consistent brand.



Consistency in color usage is critical for the brand. The Seattle Youth Soccer Assocation wishes to establish a vibrant "Seattle Soccer" image that captures the excitement of youth soccer in our region.


Seattle Green

Meaning - Histoircal SYSA Color Forests, Soccer Pitch

Pantone - 361C

CMYK - 77 0 100 0

RGB - 67 176 42

Hex - 43B02A

Sound Blue

Meaning - Lakes & Waterways, Puget Sound, Rain

Pantone - 300C

CMYK - 99 50 0 0

RGB - 0 94 184

Hex - 005EB8


The fonts Helvetica and Arial are universal and available. They also are standard with banner fabricators. Many variations are available such as condensed, light and bold. Whenever possible, SYSA asks that these typefaces be used.


This logo is the essence and the identity of SYSA. This logo is to be used whenever and wherever possible/viable in green, blue & white colors.