Referees Guidelines

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The Seattle Soccer Referees Association (SSRA) has an ongoing initiative to keep more referees, especially newer and younger refs, from quitting, The effort will enlist both coaches and parent spectators to model good touchline behavior. By improving the game day experience for our younger referees, we hope to lower their departure rate, allow more referees to gain more experience, with the result of higher quality match refereeing across he board.

Please review and share these documents with your team

Game Day Officiating

NEW: Find Out if a Referee Is Assigned to Your Game! There is now a feature in the SSRA system for finding out if your upcoming game will have a referee assigned. Click this link and search for your game. Keep in mind that referees are often assigned to games right before the weekend. It's best to check if your game will have a referee close to the actual match day.

Referee Not Assigned/Unavailable

SYSA and the Seattle Soccer Referees Association work together to ensure a referee is assigned to each game. Occasionally, a game may go unassigned, or a referee may not make it to the game. In this situation, there are rules for your league (whether SYSA Recreational games, District 1 games, Washington State Premier Leagues games, or PDL games) on how to proceed if a referee does not appear. You should know the rules in advance for your league, and how to handle the situation if it happens.

Seattle Youth Soccer Association has rules for its recreational leagues. Rule 5.2 states that "The failure of an assigned referee to appear shall not be the cause for canceling the match. Upon agreement of both coaches, a substitute official may be chosen whose decisions shall be final."

shortage of referees for hundreds of games each year. 

Without enough referees, our league will find it hard to continue. Consider getting trained as a referee to help ensure the continued success of SYSA. Information on referee training can be found below.

Reporting Scores or Corrections

Scores only need to be reported to SYSA when there are no referees at the game. If there is no referee at the game, report the game score to Follow the guidelines below to report a game score.

If there were no referees at your game, or the score posted in the standings is wrong, please follow these steps.

  1. Send an email to

  2. Put "Game Score Report" in the subject line.

  3. In the body of the email, you must include these facts so the score can be accurately recorded or changed:

  • Date of the Game

  • Game Field

  • Start Time of the Game

  • Gender of Players

  • Age Level

  • Home Team, including club

  • Away Team, including club

  • Correct Score

You can also call in a game score by leaving a message at 206-552-0723. Be sure to record the same set of facts about the game as listed above. Please allow a few days for the correct score to be changed or recorded. Thanks!

Feedback & Evaluation

Use this form to write a report about a referee's performance after a game played in Seattle or Shoreline. This form is on the Seattle Soccer Referee Association's web site, and will be reviewed by the SSRA leadership. This is NOT a Seattle Youth Soccer Association form or review process.

For games played in West Seattle against West Seattle teams (when the West Seattle team is the home team), use this feedback form.

Referee ResouRces & Clinics

For a full list of all clinics in the greater Seattle area and all of Washington State, visit the Washington State Referee Committee web site.

Additional documents related to refereeing for Seattle Youth Soccer Association.